June 29, 2019, 1:02 p.m.

Project Won: Kuala Lumpur Eco City

Brugg Lifting's expertise in High Rise elevators continues to be appreciated and sought after in the industry. This week over 20km of Brugg Liftings DP9 mixed core rope was chosen to be used in Hong Kong's Tak Long Residential Estate. The Tak Long Estate consists of nine residential buildings and houses around 8,200 flats for 19,000 residents and shares the "Ching Long Shopping Centre" with Tak Long Estate. Each block is 40 stories tall and the elevators see tremendous usage as throughout the day the elevators are used by the 19,000 residents. It is due to the combination of high rise and high usage that Brugg Liftings DP9 ropes were chosen, as our ropes provide superb lifetime performance combined with very low rope stretch. This project demonstrates the benefits of using Brugg Lifting's range of high performance mixed core ropes.